Below you will find links to some great resources on planning for college and your future including sites to search and evaluate colleges and sites to help you plan for the application!

College Confidential is kind of like the "Reddit" of college prep support. It is a collection of forums where students can connect, ask questions, and get real answers. For instance, they have a great crowd-sourced list of dates for award letters.

While College Navigator's UI might not be the friendliest, it's build directly from National Center for Education Statistics data, and it will provide you with some great, specific information on any colleges you might be interested in learning more about.

If you want the nitty gritty data to compare colleges, College Insight is the website for you. You can get into incredible levels of detail on everything from the percentage of graduates with debt to graduation rates for Pell Eligible students.

While Niche might not provide as detailed data as some of the other search tools here, it does do a great job of collecting tons of student reviews on colleges and universities. So if you're looking to get an inside scoop on schools, look no further.

College Scorecard is a great searchable database that gives you quick, easy-to-understand stats on colleges, including financial aid!

The "BigFuture" College Planning suite of CollegeBoard provides students with an incredible wealth of information including extensive college search tools, step-by-step planning guides, and financial aid resources.

New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF) is a wonderful resource that has over 50 years of experience supporting families and students as they seek to plan and pay for higher education.

The ACT offers information on College and Career readiness in addition to study tools, resources, and information on the ACT.

Getting In" is a series of polished podcasts put out by Slate that follows a group of high school seniors as they navigate the college application process. It features interviews with college admissions counselors and office directors, and covers a wide range of common college planning and application questions and concerns.