Breakthrough Manchester College-Bound at SNHU (BTM-CB) is a tuition-free program guided by a mission to give continued support in academic growth, educational enrichment, college-readiness, and essential skill-building to highly motivated, under-resourced high school students while inspiring the next generation of well-rounded leaders and educators.


BTM-CB continues the college-access pipeline for students who entered the program as rising 7th graders through Breakthrough Manchester at the Derryfield School. BTM-CB seeks to complete its mission through dedicated advising and support of students, college access and success curriculum on eight College-Bound Saturdays, and a college success culture and community.


In the College-Bound program at Breakthrough Manchester, we are dedicated to helping motivated students grow into 6C Learners. Based on the models of leading minds in education such as Michael Fullan*, a worldwide authority on educational reform, the 6C Learner is a well-rounded leader focused on growing and building skills in the following six areas:


6C Learners build their character education by being resilient, responsible, empathetic, and confident. They take time to focus on their own well-being and balance in addition to supporting the well-being and balance of others. They seize opportunities and thrive in challenges.


6C Learners actively participate as citizens of their community by treating others with dignity and respect, building their global and cultural knowledge base, and advancing environmental awareness. They don’t just take from the community; they work at giving back.


6C Learners know that clear and consistent communication with their peers, supervisors, and community is absolutely essential for success. They are dedicated to building strong communication skills in the areas of speaking, listening, writing, and reading in a variety of contexts.


6C Learners do not just solve problems, they self-direct to design and manage creative solutions. They use their knowledge base, community, and various tools and resources to seek out barriers and break through them.


6C Learners recognize that together they are stronger. They learn from each other, use their unique skills to complement other members of the team, and work together to overcome challenges. They share each other’s burdens as well as successes.


6C Learners are innovative entrepreneurs and leaders. They harness the power of imagination to solve problems and meet challenges. They seize every moment and remember to play and have fun!


*Fullan, M. (2016) The New Meaning of Educational Change. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.



Motivated, well-organized, and passionate undergraduate students and recent alums serve as advisors for BTMCB High School students. These dedicated advisors support roughly 4-6 high school students each, providing essential dedicated support. Additionally, dedicated advisors gain invaluable experience and training in a real world atmosphere, growing as educators and leaders. Advisors will…


  • Receive free training and professional development in mentorship, advising, leadership, education, etc.

  • Work with students to help plan out their education and stay on the path to college

  • Join in a professional learning community where everyone is a teacher and learner

  • Be available for support throughout the student’s high school journey – from transitioning into high school to filling out college applications and the FAFSA



Students will be required to meet on a regular basis for College-Bound Saturdays led by dedicated advisors, SNHU staff and faculty, college admissions representatives, community partners, and even BTMCB students themselves. Just a few focuses of the curriculum are…


  • Intensive, engaging lessons focused on building essential skills, developing career skills, learning about colleges, exploring interests, and becoming a college-and-career-ready learner

  • Advisor check-ins, homework help, college search and planning support, community service, and tutoring

  • Campus visits, fun community-building games, extracurricular classes, and other opportunities to ensure lasting connections and support between students



In addition to supporting students through creation and maintenance of accounts such as CollegeBoard and The Common App – allowing them to build their actual college applications – BTMCB is infused with a college success culture and community. This means that BTMCB emphasizes college is NOT the end goal but an important stepping stone in a student’s learning journey. Examples of this include…


  • Demystifying college by familiarizing students with the SNHU Campus so they can interact with college students and professors, eat in the dining hall, learn in classrooms, etc.

  • Equipping students with the real-world skills (6C skills) and knowledge to succeed through college

  • Fostering a community with shared goals that consistently supports and encourages each other